Learning Fuels Drive For Success  

             Broadcast media is way different than print media. Aside from the fact that broadcast media is simulated via television or radio, and print in newspaper form, magazines etc, the two also differs on procedures and most especially on their way of treating news sources and delivering it to their viewers or audiences.

On my first internship, I was able to go to Manila Bulletin. The experience there was really great and I had a blast working with the people you grew up reading their articles and considered as pillars of Philippine Print Media. But this second semester, I was able to make it to the country’s biggest and the leading television network in the country, ABS-CBN Corporation.

My experience there was so surreal. From the cut throat process of filing your application up to the dreaded interview, their medical process that was nerve-wracking because you will never know what might show up on your results, but all of these things won’t go to waste once you passed all of it, there are so many applicants but only few were chosen, and I am glad to tell you I am one of them.

I can still remember the very first day of my being an intern in ABS-CBN, it was February 04, 2012 and I was deployed to the News and Current Affairs Division, Failon Ngayon Department. The HR Account Manager of your department introduces you to your bosses and co-workers, the feeling was like happiness engulfs you but at the same time nervousness shuns everything out, I got my bearings back when I officially started. First impressions last so you better make a good impression for them to think that you are one big catch, and that they are so lucky to have you as their intern.

During a re-enactment shoot.

All of the staff and crew of Failon Ngayon were very warm and welcoming. They won’t treat you as someone who’s way below them, instead they will see you as someone that can help them big time, but at the same time, teach you on every bit of information you probably want to learn from doing transcriptions up to the shooting of each and every episodes and editing it.

Doing a video preview and video rewind in the Cut to Cut Room

In the past few weeks, I learned how they shoot their re-enactments. It is done in two ways, the first one is called black-backing, it is quite literal, you will be shooting in a small room backed with a big black cloth. It is used when you want to shoot a simple re-enactment for a certain scene. The second is the normal re-enactment shoot. It is done outdoors in any places that suit the required scene and place of the episode you are doing. These two are some of the basics in production.

One of the things I enjoyed was the spiels shoot. Aside from you get to go out in different places, you can actually interact and learn from the veteran broadcast journalist and considered as one of the pillars of Philippine Broadcast Media, Sir Ted Failon. He’s a very hands on host and you will learn a lot from him for he is a multi-awarded media practitioner. I was able to come in three different spiels shoot and I learned a lot. From the cameramen, audio man, lights man and up to the director. It was a great experience for someone like me who wants to be involved on things like that.

With Sir Ted Failon

Aside from spiels shoot, observing on the editing and mastering of videos was the coolest part. As some of the students of our college says, “In PUP, we are deprived of good facilities.” Being able to actually use a MAC Final Cut Pro computer – that is quite a privilege you got there.

There in the office, every 8:00 in the evening, Sir Ted actually comes for the daily meeting with all of the staff, and including us interns. The meeting actually lasts for an hour. Just by listening to them, you will learn a lot, most especially on national issues here in our country. Sometimes, Sir Ted also conducts a crash training course on Investigative Journalism for his employees for them to be able to be efficient on what they do and to carry out their roles as public servants.

Sir Ted and the staff working it out during one of our daily meetings.

One of the things that I will probably miss are the in between moments where you get to know each and every staff and learn a lot from their experiences in the media industry. Talking with them opened my heart and mind that this place and in this line of work is where I am supposed to be, though I’m not closing my chances of getting a job on other industries, but in this kind of job, I see myself as a medium that will help my fellow Filipinos to open their minds and show them what is really happening not just in the country but in other places in the world as well, as the new slogan of ABS-CBN says, “In the service of the Filipino people.”

It's just me trying to be a reporter. In the Service of the Filipino People

Being an intern for ABS-CBN and Failon Ngayon made me realize what I really want to do in life, and that is to impart my knowledge and to influence the people through the use of broadcast media.  As Isaac Asimov once said, “It is the writer who might catch the imagination of young people, and plant a seed that will flower and come to fruition.”

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SimSimi: The Chatting Robot

          You've probably heard about it. You've probably seen it in your Facebook news feed: your friends talking to this yellow chatting robot that looks like a bird, only it has one curly hair.

          Some are pissed to what this bird is really talking about. Some are entertained. Some are so into it, they do it a couple of times daily. Simsimi sure invaded each and every life of Filipino Facebook users.

          Simsimi is an artificial intelligence conversation program that was created in 2002 by the ISmaker. The said application has led to huge controversy and protests in Thailand for some of it's responses containing profanity and rude criticisms to leading politicians (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimSimi)

          According to a recent survey, almost 612,000 Filipinos use Facebook. Imagine that the half the Facebook users uses the Simsimi app, that's one heck of a deal right there. Let's say that most of the users are children. Children who learn something obscure and profane. It is quite alarming. Though I'm not saying the let's avoid using it, I'm just saying that there should be some filtering system that will help detect the phrases that this app presents.


        Just in case you still don't get it, we collected a few screen caps from everywhere in the net. See for yourself.

So SimSimi changes its mind easily...

It can give you love advices...

It can speak in Filipino...

as it can also speak and understand other languages...
          So, you see, if you are bored and you want someone, or something for that matter, to talk to, you just visit SimSimi. But just to warn you, SimSimi sometimes doesn't make sense, and if you're the type that gets ticked off easily, well, just don't take SimSimi too seriously. Don't hurt yourself.

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Monthsary Celebration Ideas

        What's a "Monthsary" anyway? It is an occassion commonly practiced by Filipinos. (Hey there, Pinoys!) Monthsaries are like anniversaries, The only difference is that there are only 11 monthsaries, the 12th would already be an anniversary. Monthsaries are special -- or at least they say it should be. It's like celebrating an anniversary... monthly. Got it? Just pretend you do.

        And just in case you were looking for some help or should we say "Monthsary Celebration Tips", we're here to give you some. So get ready to foolproof your special day.


        While it might be memorable to go to the movie house and watch romantic flicks (or action. or horror. whichever you two feel like watching), it might just be plain. Like it's a regular thing to do these days. You could do it on an ordinary day.

        So, we thought of better places for ya. Here's eleven:

Try exploring places where you both could learn something. Just in the Metro:

1. The Manila Ocean Park

        It's located at the back of Quirino Grandstand, Manila. Ocean Park is the first and the only oceanarium in the Philippines. This place will relax your mind in viewing the sea inhabitants of different marine species. Manila Ocean Park will introduce you to the water world of adventure and learning.

2. The National Museum

        The National Museum is located at the Rizal Park Manila, a place of discovery and history that will introduce you to the colorful life and traditions of the Filipino people even of the past and the present. Featured are the various paintings of the Filipinos who in over time invigorate the minds of every individual seeing. The paintings are just a proof of the creativity and hardworking characteristics of the Filipinos. The National Museum reveals the broad and rich life of the early Filipinos who strove and fought for a better life today.

3. Fort Santiago

         Fort Santiago is a part of the walled city of Intramuros. This historical place brings you to the past of Manila and as you walk though the walls, you can ever imagine a relaxation that it brings. The remarkable structure of Fort Santiago will give you an extraordinary experience as if youve travelled back in time and discovered the unrevealed past. It is a romantic place of history for everyone.

4. The Rizal Park

        Rizal park or famously known as Luneta, a simple yet historical landmark of heroism in the Philippines. The family usually unwind here after the full weeks work and they gather here to enjoy the beauty of the park. This is a must-see place in Manila where every Filipino loved for its unique serenity and tranquility.

5. The Manila Bay

        Manila Bay or locally known as Baywalk, is never gone on the list of the Filipino itineraries of Manila getaways. After a day of activities, many Filipino prefer to come here to see the famous sunset of the Manila bay. It gives them a warm feeling of contentment and courage to overcome the problems and crisis they may encounter and strengthens their hearts to keep the smile on their faces. It reminds them that for every sunset, there will be another sunrise on their lives.

But just in case you two are food enthusiasts and really enjoy dinner dates and prefer this than strolling in the park, there are perfect restos for you (you know, if you like eating yummy foods that won't hurt your wallet so much). Also just in the metro:

6. Banaple

        In case you haven't tried eating here just yet, then go ahead and try it already! Treat your partner with yummy pies, cheesecakes, pizza, pasta, and more! It's worth it! But please, do try their banoffee pie. It's a must taste recipe of Banapple. They've got lots of branches. So just go to the nearest one to you.

7. Red Crab

         The Red Crab offers delicious seafood and steaks, but try their seafood! Steaks could be eaten someplace else. You can visit the Red Crab branch near you. Go ahead and pig out, it's your special day anyway!

8. Cafe Lydia's

        It's located in Marikina. We're guessing you haven't heard of it yet and we're guessing that our guess is right. It's kind of hidden somewhere, and you have to really go there, but believe us, the food+low price combo is worth it! Pasta and pizza and cakes and many more. You'll leave the place thankful you've discovered it.

Or try going somewhere special for the two of you...

9. The place where you first met

        Some people find it corny or cliche, but still, some find it cute. They say the place brings back lots of memories. Some people say it makes you wanna fall in love again. True or not, it's not bad to try.

        And If ever you do not find that place romantic, like if you met on the school hallway, then it's time to be creative about it... Or think of another place that you two hold close to your hearts. This is the tricky part: you might have gone there a lot of times already, but creativity is the key! Think of something that will make your night extraordinary. (Tip: Surprises could be very useful in these times.)

Or try exciting places if you two love doing something out of the box...

10. Seriland Fantasy World

        Seriland Fantasy World is a 1,200-square meter theme park located at the 2nd Level, South Wing of the Manila Ocean Park, Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila, and offers never before seen attractions in the country. It was developed out of curiosity of the science of 3D technology and the ambition to bring to the Philippines the attractions of SEOGWIPO SERI WORLD theme park in Jeju, South Korea. Eventually, friendship and business partnership between Filipino and Korean investors was developed and both committed to provide unique and challenging attractions and promote fun-learning experience through the educational and entertainment value of Seri Fantasy World.

        Its three (3) main attractions, namely TRICK ART MUSEUM, MIRROR MAZE and 3D CINEMA PLUS, are equipped with different angles of 3Dimensional technology for visitors of all ages. (http://www.theallaroundmom.info)

 11. The MOA Eye

        Located just across the SM IMAX parking lot, this giant ferris wheel towers at 160 feet overlooking the fame Manila Bay. The ferris wheel carriages and coaches are air-conditioned so its perfect to ride up even if the day is hot.  Fee to ride the Philippines’ tallest ferris wheel is at P150 per person, vip gondolas are to be pegged at P200.  And the more awesome news is that the SM Moa Eye is located inside the SM amusement park complex, and entrance to the theme park is free and you only have to pay for the rides that you want to try out. Once fully completed, this theme park will be home to 30 or so different heart pumping rides and spectacular attractions. (http://penfires.com)

        We might gave you some of the hottest places around town, but that doesn't mean you need to follow them. It is a matter of knowing what you guys want. At the end of the day, you two will celebrate the most special day in your lives, that moment when you met that one person you will hope to share the rest of your life with.

        What matters most is you value and LOVE one another. <3

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Lady Gaga to Open Mall of Asia Arena for Her Born This Way Ball!

Get ready little monsters, she’s coming back in May as LADY GAGA PRESENTS THE BORN THIS WAY BALL TOUR! rawwr!

5-time Grammy Award winner LADY GAGA is set to make her triumphant return to the stage with her Born This Way Ball.  Lady Gaga went in the Philippines last August 11 2009 and performed her concert at the Araneta Coliseum.  In this brand new tour, Gaga will perform her latest album Born This Way as well as music from both The Fame and The Fame Monster.

And her gigantic stage? The new Mall of Asia Arena!

It was announced on March 14, 2012 that Lady Gaga's will be performing her “The Born This Way Ball Tour” on May 21, 2012 at the Mall of Asia Arena, two days after its opening.

Mall of Asia Arena is an indoor arena being constructed and located in Pasay, Philippines within the SM Mall of Asia Complex. It is expected to have a seating capacity of 16,000 for sporting events and will open on May 19, 2012. It is also expected to have a full-house capacity of 20,000, which is 5,000 more than the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

It is expected to be the new home of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines and the National Collegiate Athletic Association

The Mall of Asia Arena, which boasts of retractable seats and a 2,000-capacity car park building, is expected to rival the fabled Smart Araneta Coliseum

Lady Gaga officially went on tour last March 12, 2009 with “The Fame Ball Tour” taking place throughout the US. But even before that, her tickets in most of the countries were already SOLD OUT!

Here’s the schedule of her world tour:

April 27 – Seoul, South Korea (Olympic Stadium. On sale on February 27th, 12pm) SOLD OUT

May 2nd – Hong Kong (Asia World Arena. On sale on February 27th, 10 am) SOLD OUT
May 3rd – Hong Kong (Asia World Arena. On sale on February 27th, 10 am) SOLD OUT
May 5th – Hong Kong (Asia World Arena. On Sale March 2nd, 10am) SOLD OUT
May 7th – Hong Kong (Asia World Arena. On Sale March 9th, 10am) SOLD OUT
May 10th – Tokyo, Japan (Saitama Super Arena. On sale on March 11, 10 am)
May 21st – Manila, Philippines (SM MOA Arena. On sale TBA)
May 25th – Bangkok, Thailand (Rajamangala Stadium. On sale on March 10th, 10 am)
May 28th – Singapore (Indoor Stadium. On sale on February 27th, 10 am) SOLD OUT
May 29th – Singapore (Indoor Stadium. On Sale on February 27th, 10 am) SOLD OUT

June 3rd – Jakarta, Indonesia (Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. On Sale on March 10th, 10 am)
June 7th – Auckland, NZ (Vector Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 8th – Auckland, NZ (Vector Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 10th – Auckland, NZ (Vector Arena. On Sale on March 2nd, 12pm)
June 13th – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Ent. Center. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 14th – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Ent. Center. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 16th – Brisbane, Australia (Brisbane Ent. Center. On Sale on March 2nd, 12 pm)
June 20th – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 21st – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 23rd – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 24th – Sydney, Australia (Allphones Arena. On Sale on 2 Mar 2012, 12:00, Presale Feb. 29th) -
June 27th – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 28th – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
June 30th – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT

July 1st – Melbourne, Australia (Rod Laver Arena. On Sale on 2 Mar 2012, 12:00, 9 am, Presale Feb. 29th)
July 7 – Perth, Australia (Burswood Dome. On Sale on February 17th, 9 am) SOLD OUT
July 8 – Perth, Australia (Burswood Dome. On Sale on March 2nd, 12 pm)
July 21st – London, United Kingdom (Twickenham Stadium. On sale TBA) To Be Confirmed
July 22nd – London, United Kingdom (Twickenham Stadium. On sale TBA) To Be Confirmed

August 14th – Sofia, Bulgaria (National ”Vasil Levski” Stadium. On sale TBA)

October 31st – Puerto Rico (Coliseo de Puerto Rico, More information TBA)

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The Yellow Boat Project: Promoting HOPE, Inspiring People

          "Friends, we are truly grateful that you are riding this "yellow boat" with us, with our sort of the new Balangay, which Filipinos in the past have used to build communities all around our amazing archipelago. That is also what we are building today. We keep repeating it, the Yellow Boat Project is a way of life, it's a philosophy that for CHANGE to happen, it must start with each one of us. We are all part of the solution!" - Philippine Funds for Little Kids, Spearhead for The Yellow Boat Project (www.facebook.com/philippine.funds)

The Yellow Boat Project

         What is this "Yellow Boat", really?

          It started when Jay Jaboneta, now Chief Storyteller of the project, heard the story about kids from Zamboanga having to swim across waters just to reach school and have a decent education.

Photo Courtesy: Mr. Jay Jaboneta

          After confirming that the story is true, he was deeply moved that he then posted a status on Facebook about it, completely unaware that that little act will start a movement. Shortly after that, people were also touched and comments flooded the status and he received messages from people who wanted to help, willing to donate money for the kids.

          Then he reached a very generous amount, which started Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids. The money was used for making boats, so instead of swimming an awful distance, the kids were given yellow boats. This boats, named Bagong Pag-asa (New Hope), are intended to give them a glimpse of renewed hope, colored yellow not only symbolizing hope, but also imitating the usual school buses that brings kids to school.

          But after a period of time, he discovered that the same situation is experienced in other provinces in the Philippines too: Layag-Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City; Isla Mababoy, Brgy. Guinhadap, Monreal, Masbate; and Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur.

          The project then reached those places and The Yellow Boat Of Hope Project went on, even reaching now the attention and help from international associations such as Facebook itself and Tedx.

Photo Courtesy: Philippine Funds for Little Kids

Jay Jaboneta: The Fire Starter

          Who is this Jay Jaboneta? Why such a huge heart? If you are also wondering, we'll introduce him to you.

          Mr. Jay Michael Jaboneta is a blogger now known for using Social Media for Social Change. All it took for him to start a change was just a simple Facebook status. He's looked up to because of his passion to help children that braves the water everyday.

Photo From http://www.gilcamporazorandomthoughts.info/
          Eager to inspire more people and get them to help him in this mission, he spread out the message of HOPE -- an acronym for:

H – harnessing your potential/passion;
 "It is about finding your passion in life. I personally feel, even after 16 months into the project, that I have found my life’s mission and it is to help children who struggle to go to school.
And more than that, it is to help bring communities in the Philippines the resources they need to get a better chance in life. Without discovering what you are passionate about in life, it is very hard to stay focused on a mission, on a project. You’ve got to find what you love to do."
O – opening your mind/opening your heart;
"When I first heard about the story, I couldn’t shake it off. I didn’t know what to do then. I shared it on Facebook, not thinking that it would transform into a thriving national movement helping children in 3 communities around the Philippines."
P – perspiration;
"You cannot help people without getting both your hands and your feet dirty. When we want to help people, we should act on it. Only in doing so can we gain insights into how our efforts and operations can be made better. Perspiration is very good for the body and the soul too, as it cleanses our system. Personally, I have become thinner as a result of my involvement in the project."
E – empowering others.
"And this is for me, where the challenge really lies, even when you think of our national leadership. In order to succeed sustainably, we must equip and empower more leaders to take on the challenges in education and the other challenges our country is facing."


          After knowing all these, The Phrontisterion is giving you another thing to think about. It's now up to you to help give these kids a shot to a better life, a better future.

          You can contact them through their websites:

          You could also reach Mr. Jay Jaboneta himself through his email address: jay.jaboneta@gmail.com.

          It's always fulfilling to help others, right? Let's make the world a better place.

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